They say that inspiration comes in all forms. I was doing a couple of great new background tutorials listed at the FlyByNight graphics site and when I finished them, I was inspired to try experimenting again. I have experimented with the VM filters but never with the VM Instant Art. I came across one entitled "Pipeline to Siberia" so had fun with it for a while using those settings and once again reverting to my favourite "Simple" filters. I have not seen any other tutorials using this filter but if there are others, mine came into being Feb. 4 at 1:40 in the morning. I love experimenting just before I shut down the computer and head for bed. I can do that since I am retired and no longer have to get up at 5:30 am and drive to school.

Code of Standard Difficulty Levels for Tutorials

What You Will Need to Start
...PSP 6 or 7 (this was done in 6)...
Visit JASC to download a free trial
...VM Filter - Instant Art that you can download here...
... Simple - Top Left Mirror and Quick Tile that you can download here...

This is pretty easy, simple and fast.
If you know ahead of time you want a specific colour, you will need to check in PSP what the three values are for the red, green and blue and make note of them. If it doesn't really matter, you can experiment with changing the values when you apply the filter. We will make the same background you see here in green, but I started out with gold originally. Then at the end I colourized it to green, blue and a pale purple.

Open a new image 150 by 150 in white, 16mil colours.

Go to "Effects - filters - VM Instant Art - Pipeline to Siberia" and use the same settings as below.

Then go to "Effects - Filters - Simple - Top Left Mirror"

Finally, go to "Effects - Filters - Simple - Quick Tile". When the window opens just accept the defaults and click to apply.

Here are the other three samples I colourized.


You can have fun changing the pipe sizes and the number of pipes in the first step. These will totally change the outcome of your tile. I have displayed several more samples for you to see how many variations there are available to you.



If you have any problems or need further explanations, please feel free to email me here


This tutorial was posted at the site of "P. Ann's Place" March 4, 2002 and written by Pat Sherman. All I ask is that you do not claim it as your own.