These are images for your computer screen background. I made a couple for myself from my holiday sets and I enjoyed how they looked so I thought I would make a few more and post them for you here. They are mostly non religious, because I have kept them to images I have made myself rather than using others' work. I keep my desktop icons on the left. I don't know how others do it, but the images are mainly a background with the image on the right. You can see here how this one looks on my computer screen.

I am not sure how to post such a large image - 800 x 600 - so I put each one in a zip file and have shown you a small thumbnail of the original. Click on it and a zip file will open for you to download the full size image. My only request is that you give me a present by not linking to this page. You are welcome to take anything or everything you want. A link back to this site is not required.
Merry Christmas.








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