Our Two Cats

I just want to say here, that this August, 2006, my little best friend RB passed away quietly at home with those he loved, and in October, 2006, his long time companion and Joe's best little friend Puss, also left us, quietly at home in the surroundings she loved. They are both dearly missed and we will always cherish the 16 years we had with them. I have decided to leave this page in their honour.

Puss and RB watching the aquarium

These are the two big beauties that have run our lives since January, 1991. They were rescued from a cat shelter. Puss, the black female, decided we were not leaving the home, where she had been living with 40 other cats, without her. She sat on Joe's lap as soon as we got there and she stayed there for over 2 hours. Needless to say, she had already decided she was adopting us. RB, my white beauty, wanted nothing to do with anybody. He ran, he hid and he hissed. However, as unpleasant as he was, I fell in love with him immediately because of his colouring and I guess the challenge of making him lovable, as I was sure he would become, given the right environment.

Foodtime in the kitchen

At the sound of a tiny lid being pulled off a tiny can of catfood, these two will come running from a dead sleep. Puss is worse than RB. If she decides it's feeding time she will go over near the counter and moan. If you decide to go there yourself for a coffee, and she decides she's hungry, she stands there and bats your leg with her front paw and moans pitifully. She continues with this until you finally get the message. I love this picture because her eyes just seem to glow out at you. Since we brought them home to an 11th. floor condominium apartment, they are indoor cats. They have remained this way even though we moved, because they both had already been declawed before we adopted them.

Puss in a box

Don't ever leave an empty box around and expect it to be empty for long. Puss will try and squeeze into anything. She is a much finer boned cat than RB and she can fit into very small spaces. This was a shirt box from a Christmas present. We bought them a special cat house on a pedestal, thinking she would love sleeping in it. RB took it over and she never had the opportunity to use it. So, I went and bought another house for her. She won't go near it and just uses it's roof to climb up on the top perch of the other house. Oh, well......

RB peeking through the fake
Christmas tree

This is my baby- the wildman who has turned into the biggest, most lovable cat you could ever wish for. When he first arrived home, he spent four days before approaching either one of us. Now, you can't get away from him unless he's taking an afternoon nap or watching the birds and squirrels through the front windows. He sits with me while I use my computer, he escorts me to the bathroom in case I can't find my way, and we have a nightly ritual we follow. When I go to bed, no matter where he is in the house, he will arrive shortly after my head hits the pillow. He then sits half on the bed and half on the pillow and grabs my arm with his paw. I get a kiss good night, he gets some lovable head scratching and he stays there, my husband says, til the moment after I fall asleep. Then he takes off and goes and curls up in his favourite chair.

Puss in plastic bucket

RB on coffeetable