My name is Pat and I would like to thank you for dropping by.
I originally discovered that Paint Shop Pro was a great programme for making graphics and animations. What you will find here are things I have created using this programme after following many helpful tutorials. You will also find work I have created in Poser that you are free to download and use. Click on any of the buttons below to tour the site. I hope you will find something here that you can take with you and put to good use. No links (unless using one of my globes using Penny Parker artwork) are required.

June 7th., 2021

I know it has been a long time but still alive after months of a covid lockdown again.

This morning I got a notice about a purchase of a webset #54 made by Peter W and whose email starts with payweb@.......... I have tried sending you the link to your new set but the emails keep coming back undeliverable. If you can send me another email address where I can contact you, it would be appreciated otherwise I will refund you your money.

November 17th., 2020

Page 376 was just uploaded. It is a Little Design character for V4. Hope you enjoy.

November 13th., 2020

I added page 375 which is Kiki in a winter outfit by Leilana. These are a special request for poses that have the characters sitting so this outfit fit the ability to bend and curve to have little girls sitting or kneeling. Hope you can make use of them.

November 10th., 2020

I tried a dynamic dress again to see if I still remembered how to do it. Because I am not so great, you get 4 poses with 3 different looks for each. Once again this is the new lady Henny Frost and i think she is so cute. The materials for the different dress looks etc. are all from Little Designs. You can find it under page 374.

November 9th., 2020

Well, it has been a long time, but I have finally sat down, reopened Poser and here I am. I just purchased some new characters and material packages from Little Designs so I figured the time had come to put them to use. Hopefully this will be the first page after a long respite from my artwork and that many more will continue to follow. I hope you have all been keeping safe and healthy with covid 19 still with us. Thanks for putting up with my absence.
I just added page 373 with Kiki in the Frosty outfit. I have used a new character called Henny Frost and some of the materials all created from Little Designs.

April 13th., 2020

Just added Page 372 of an older outfit for V4.

Let me start off with I hope you, your family and your friends are all able to keep healthy and avoid the covid 19 virus. We have been under restrictions here in Canada as well as most of you, I am sure. I know it has been hard for many who are so used to going out to work every day but for me personally, life hasn't been any different since I haven't been out of my building for about 3 years now. I am trying to help my friend get through this time of staying in so we have been playing a lot of computer games together. We each have the same programme where you look for hidden objects, get on the phone and we can play for about 3 or 4 hours every night as we talk to each and walk through the game together. As you can see, my Poser work once again has taken a back seat. I am not giving it up since my website has now been up for 20 years. It will continue but not as much lately while we all struggle and help each other get through this trying time. Stay safe!!!

SPECIAL NOTICE as of April 1st., 2016

As of April 1st., let it be known, that my free work that I offer for free, is not to be taken and sold as your work for a profit unless you have used my free images in a scene or done something with them and they are no longer "as is" or "how you downloaded them".

I have given permission to several kit designers to include up to 3 of my freebies in their kit as long as they use my copyright and say they are provided free thanks to P. Ann. I am more than willing to do that for anyone else interested in that type of arrangement.

Let me also add my thanks to everyone who writes and thanks me or who sends me a sample of what they have done. I love to hear and see what you are doing. It is so much fun getting to see the end product. And don't forget if you are "into" anything and you can't find what you are looking for, email me. I do this as a hobby and to fill the day since just Lizzy (my cat) and I are left now to keep each other company. I would love if I have the outfits or characters to be able to help you out. I started this site 16 years ago (hard to believe) to pay back those in PSP who wrote tutorials and gave away their work when I was first learning. I always told myself I would do the same thing for others when I was able.


As you know I announced that I was trying something new and joined a sig tag group. For the new area I opened, I have updated it and added new images. After thinking about it, I wanted to make mention that, even though those are images created with the tag idea in mind, please feel free to take and use them if you feel you can put them to use in another way. It would be fine if you wanted to make a webset for yourself or others to offer for free, or use the images in your email notes etc. My copyright has been added and the only restriction I would ask you to follow is that no matter what you do with these images, please don't sell them. They are being given to you freely at no charge and I would expect you to offer them to others under the same conditions - free. So if you want them for tagging or you are a non tagger but could use the images in another way, please take them and enjoy using them in your own creative work.

Usage of My Poser People changed as of April 1st, 2016
Many people have been asking about copyright and using my free Poser images. I know some are explaining that the groups they belong to require copyright info and are asking what to do. If you are in a group that is demanding you put info on my poser images then just use © P.Ann. If you wish to use my website address that is fine but not a definite requirement. If you need further clarification or need something in writing, email me and I will gladly send you an email giving you full permission for using the Poser people images I have created.

Free Poser People Images for Use in PSP and now in PNG format for other programmes















Various Tutorials on Backgrounds, People, Rooms and Animating the Poser Skaters



Large Christmas, Snowglobe Section and Fireplace Images


Free Clothing Textures for Use with Poser Clothing

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