In Honour of My Mom and Dad

Ann and George Cannon

Mom and Dad were born on the same day in October but one year apart. Mom just happened to be the one who was the one year older.

Dad was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Mom was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and came to Canada when she was only four years old. They knew each other from a very early age and eventually, as they grew up together, a friendship turned into something more romantic. They lived in the East End of Toronto and always did.

Dad joined the army during WWII and was stationned at Camp Borden with the 48th Highlanders. When he found out he was being shipped overseas, he and Mom put together a complete wedding in just three short days and were married in September, 1942. Dad was then gone and sent to see action in Europe. His main job was minesweeper. I was glad he did his job well enough to return safely. I came along the next year and my brother Ross, four years later.

I loved my parents dearly and they were both the kind of people who would do anything for you if they could. They lived for their grandchildren - 3 of them named Andrew, Emily and Matthew. They enjoyed the time they got to spend with them helping babysit them during the day and dad enjoyed walking them to school each day even taking his turn helping out in their kindergarten class when he was needed.

Dad loved his garden, music and their weekly 5 pin bowling league. He even got a perfect game of 450 once and that was quite an exciting evening for him. Mom loved crafts, her ladies' St. Barnabas Friendship Circle Church group and even though she had to give up bowling, went every week to help run the league and keep score. She passed on her love of crafts to me at an early age and I am very glad she did. She always was a huge fan of her "soaps" and never missed her "Days of Our Lives" and "Another World".

Dad passed away at home after a lengthy 3 year battle with a cancerous brain tumour in 1994 and Mom passed away two years later after suffering complications with heart problems and adult onset diabetes.

I have displayed just a few of the many pictures of them that I feel best displays them and their life.

This is a picture of Mom taken by a paid photographer in Scotland.

This is Mom and my Grandmother.

This is a picture of my grandfather back in Scotland who loved to crochet. I still have the tablecloth shown in this image while he was working on it.

Here is a favourite I have always liked of Dad.

Here is Mom looking the glamorous young lady.

Here is the famous wedding pulled together over three days to happen during a 48 hour leave before Dad was shipped overseas.

Here are my Mom and Dad on the right and her two sisters and husbands Margaret and Alex and Violet and John, along with Grandma at the cottage in Pickering where we used to go most weekends.

Here is Mom and me sitting in the backyard at the house they lived in for over 40 years.

Here is Mom and Andrew, the first grandchild.

Here is Dad and Mom with the second grandchild Emily.

Here is Dad and Matthew, the third grandchild.

Here is Mom and Dad at one of their yearly bowling banquets.

Thanks for stopping by my little family album and reading and looking at the pictures of my parents. They were two very special people and are sorely missed.

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