The Two of Us

Pat and Joe

My name is Patricia but I have always been called Pat.

I was married to a marvelous man called Joe and we were lucky enough to celebrate 43 happy anniversaries together before his heart finally gave out and I lost him in August of 2013.

I live in a city called Cambridge, about a 90 minute drive west of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We were both born and raised in Toronto. Then we moved to Mississauga. We spent 27 years there before we moved to Campbellville, and have now since moved again to Cambridge where we/ I have been almost 7 years now.

I spent my whole working career as an elementary school teacher with the Toronto Board of Education. I taught all grades from Junior Kindergarten to Grade Six, except Grade One. I spent the last three and a half years of my career as our school's Teacher-Librarian. I worked with all the classess in the school doing research skills, instilling, hopefully, a love of reading, and teaching computer skills. Just a little less than 15 years ago I retired after 35 years in the most marvelous career I could have ever wished for. It was a challenging one, but the rewards were great.

Joe, during his career, worked at many jobs before he finally had to retire on a medical disability from another Board of Education. He suffered with fibromyalgia ever since undergoing double bypass heart surgery 25 years ago and also 2 heart attacks, a quadruple bypass and now another major heartache leaving him with less than 25% of his heart still functionning. I cannot say how much I also admired him for the courage he displayed in what he endured everyday. He suffered 24 hours a day with constant pain. Near the end he went through many more minor heart attacks and had 8 before his heart finally couldn't take any more. For the last 2 months he was confined to bed and we had regular nurses visits to the apt. He said he was not going to die before he spent my birthday with me. On that day we celebrated in the morning. He gave me a card our friend had bought for him to give me and then he suddenly stopped breathing and left me for God just before lunchtime.

I enjoyed doing crafts of all kinds. My mom also enjoyed them and she introduced me to many forms right from a young age. I enjoy reading when I get the chance and now like my new Kindle. It is so much easier than a book. But I especially love working on my computer and sharing my artwork via this website.

Joe loved old movies, watching nature programmes, but unfortunately his love of puttering in the garden was stopped when we had to move to the apartment. His main hobby though were his two fishtanks that he loved and of course his new darling, Elizabeth.... the Calico cat he found and adopted from the Humane Society. The two of them were inseparable and you never saw one without the other. Now Lizzy has had to adapt to being without her Daddy and now has decided Mommy is pretty trustworthy too. Now she and I travel around with me pushing my walker and her riding or sleeping on it.

I hope this has helped you learn a little about me. Thanks for reading.