These images are ones that involve water movement. Some have more movement and some are quite subtle. These I have fun with as a change to "snow".
Left click on any of the images below to have it open in a new window and see it in action. Then you can right click and save it to your own hard drive. Please follow proper protocol and do not link to these pages. As you save it, verify that it is "gif" format. If you save it in "jpg" format you will only have a still image rather than animation. Click the back button on your browser to return you to this page. You can use any of these without a link back to this site. Enjoy!!







Some of the animations were done by following a tutorial at Fantasy Inspirations. It is very easy using only the PSP deformation wave.

Some were done using the Flaming Pear flood filter and then applying the EyeCandy 4000 jiggle slight turbulence. Others were done with just highlighting the water already in the image and using Eyecandy 4000 Jiggle - set to "bubbles". To make the different frames I just changed the seed number at the bottom randomly 3 times.