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This page is one I have been wanting to do for a while. I purchased a scenery set ages ago and wanted to use it so decided to try a theme this time so this is a little different than most of the pages I offer. I was going to sell this set but decided I would just give it away like all the rest. These images are based on the Alice in Wonderland story. There are images of her finding the 2 bottles to drink, her enlarging and then shrinking, finding the watch of the white rabbit, the Madhatter's Tea Party, playing croquet, and having to paint the white roses red for the angry Queen.These images are much larger at 2500 pixels high. Please remember you can not take these free images and sell them unless you do something with them and they are no longer as you downloaded them.

Just LEFT click on the thumbnail image and another page will open with the image. You might notice that as you run your cursor over the image it might have a little + sign in the middle of the cursor and the image at first glance has lots of jaggies. If it does, then left click on the image to make it its full size. As I was preparing this page, I noticed on some the little glass didn't appear but you still needed to click to enlarge it anyway. So give clicking to enlarge a try even though it might not look like it is needed.

Then right click on it and you can save the image from there. Just make sure you check that it is being saved as a "png" image to keep its transparency. Then go up to your browser button and click the back button to return you to this page. This way will save you from downloading a zip, then unzipping it later. Now you have the image as is, you can see the whole thing and then save it right to the folder of your choice on your hard drive.

The images below have been reduced to 10% of their full size .They have been rendered at 300 dpi and are based on approximately 1500 pixels in height. They are all full figures even though the thumbnail may appear cut off.






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