Set Fifteen - Long Ago

These are images I have created using my Poser 7 programme and a new item I have purchased at Daz. The outfit she is wearing is called Sonya and has been created and put up for sale by Val3dArt. I happened to see it and fell in love with it. Some are the original textures that came with the dress and some are ones I have created to give different looks of my own.

I got a little carried away again so this set contains 21 images which are all based on 1500 pixels high and have been rendered at 300dpi in png format.

I have shown 2 small examples for your consideration and when you left click on the images you can see them full size and download them for FREE.
Warning: if you run your cursor over the image and see a little magnifying glass with a + sign, please left click on it and get the full size image before you right click and save it to your hard drive.

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I have included smaller images of all the files you will get in this purchase. Most of them are 35% size. They are all complete images with no parts missing in the zip you will receive.

I have also prepared a Windows Media slideshow of all the images as well. Just click on the image at the bottom and if you have Windows Media Player, a window will open and just click on "open with " and it should open and a display will start and stop automatically. They are not the "real" size but will give you a better look at what is in this package.

When I personally receive notification of your purchase from Paypal, I will send you the link to the zip. Because of the price, I would request that you refrain from sharing them through email groups or offering them to others for free. The only restriction on the use of these images is that you may not resell them as is. If you belong to a group that requires you use copyright then you can use ŠP.Ann without using a link back along with it.

The proceeds from any of the sales here always go to help paying for my website fees so I can offer most things here for free. I hope you will pass on the word to your friends in case they might be interested in these images as well. I don't advertise anywhere so any word of mouth help would be greatly appreciated.


Here are the 21 images included in this package. They are shown at 30% of their original size.

The following is another slideshow I created using a brand new programme by Magix. When the window opens just click on "open with......."

None of the images have a drop shadow.

Get all 21 images for the simple low price of $2.00