I have ventured into something new on this page again, and I hope you like them. They are one of a kinds because they are made using the "Sinedot II" filter and then I applied different BladePro settings. I don't know too much about this filter yet, but I was experimenting a little as I was trying to learn, and came up with shapes that I thought would make interesting snowglobe bases. Some of them are very filmy and whispy and really need a dark or light background. Some of them you might find rather light, and a suggestion I would offer, is to see how you like it as is, then duplicate the base layer for a more substantial looking base. It will darken the colour and then you can merge the two base layers. I did that on a couple of these already.

I hope that these can be useful to someone and I have also decided to make the whole globe structure as well. When you download, you will get a zip file of a PSP6.02 image with the layers still intact so all you have to do is decide what you want to go inside your globe. Everything else (base and globe) is there for you. The coloured background is not included.

You are welcome to any of these globes. I just hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them. A link back is not required.







Bases Thirteen      Bases Fourteen      Bases Fifteen

Bases Sixteen      Bases Seventeen      Bases Eighteen

Bases Nineteen      Bases Twenty

My Snowglobe Tutorial